The Dangers of Hospice

Every day, thousands of families have a loved one of theirs placed in hospice care, thinking that hospice is simply a place where elderly people die a comfortable, peaceful death. Days later, their loved one dies, and their family assumes that the person’s death was due to complications from an ailment they had, or just “natural causes”. But what they don’t know is that their loved one was murdered. And an unfortunate majority of others don’t realize it, either.

Hospice is a type of care that “cares” for elderly people who have illnesses. Their motive is to make the end of their life as peaceful as possible. Or at least, that’s what they say their motive is.

The reality is that hospice is actually a tool of the New World Order. Just as abortion kills unborn babies, hospice kills off old people, as a means of what is known as “population control”. When a patient is placed in hospice, they are assigned not only nurses, but also a doctor, who is instructed to take all of their medications away. The only drug they take is morphine, which is used for pain management. Now, morphine is indeed a good drug to use to manage one’s pain, but it can be extremely dangerous if too much of it is administered to the patient. And that is precisely what happens, the patient is given enormous overdoses of the drug. After several days, they go into a coma as a result of the levels of morphine they received. This is most dangerous for the person’s soul, because the last few hours are when the battle between God and satan over a soul are greatest. Thus, the person needs this time to ask God forgiveness of their sins, and to prepare for their judgement. Being unconscious makes this impossible, thus giving the devil a better chance of stealing the soul because they didn’t repent of their sins in time. While in a coma, the person also suffers from starvation because neither the doctor nor the nurses feed the patient when they are in this state. Eventually, they die.

Contrary to what hospice will attempt to tell families, it is the overdoses of morphine that kills the patient. Hospice is essentially an euthanasia group, and in fact, the first hospice was opened in France as an OPEN euthanasia facility.

The nurses and doctors who work for these facilities, most of whom are ignorant Protestants or perhaps even atheists, are told that they’re “doing the old people a favor” by making their death more peaceful. The problem with this is that we don’t have the right to end the lives of other people, only God does. These hospice facilities, therefore, are committing a mortal sin by performing such despicable acts. It is a violation of the 5th Commandment: “Thou shall not kill”.

Matt Abbot, a Traditional Catholic writer for “RenewAmerica”, has written numerous articles on the dangers of hospice. In an article written in 2005, Abbot posted an e-mail he received from Ron Panzer, founder of Hospice Patients Alliance. Here is part of what Panzer had to say:

“What the public did not know is that the first hospice in our nation, the
Connecticut Hospice, was founded by a major representative of the euthanasia
movement, Florence Wald, MSN, who stated that assisted suicide should be available for just about any reason at all:

‘I’ll tell you the way I see it, and I know that I differ from Cicely Saunders, who is very much against assisted suicide. I disagree with her view on the basis that there are cases in
which either the pain or the debilitation the patient is experiencing is more than can be borne, whether it be economically, physically, emotionally, or socially. For this reason, I feel a range of options should be available to the patient, and this should include assisted suicide.’ (JAMA. 281; 1683-1685, May 12, 1999, Hospice Care in the United States: A Conversation with Florence S. Wald, M. J. Friedrich)”

The rest of Abbot’s article can be read here:

The conclusion, therefore, is that hospice is not the caring, loving thing that it is portrayed to be. It is an invention of those who favor euthanasia, and its motive is to end the lives of elderly folks through overdoses of morphine. Hospice, therefore, should be avoided like the plague. Please do not give hospice access to any of your loved ones, or they will be another victim.

God Bless.

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  1. Ava

     /  October 22, 2012

    Very informational! Thank you for writing this.

    Hospice also violates the 8th commandment by lying. Hospice tells the families that the high doses of morphine are not the cause of the comatose patient. Hospice will opine that a coma is a natural part of dying. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!!

  2. Dolorosa

     /  November 1, 2012

    So if is not good because it is Hospice that what does one do to take care of their elderly parents at home?

  3. ServusSpiritusSancti

     /  November 1, 2012

    Hello, Dolorosa.

    One can take care of their elderly parents at home without hospice nurses. If even those nurses help out the caregiver and take some stress off of them, what good is it if the patient dies from an overdose of morphine?

  4. Anna

     /  February 19, 2013

    This horrible thing happened to my father in 2010. Chased down constantly by HOSPICE via his health insurance with their “wonderful” offerings, all lies. Guess they decided that 93 was too old and insurance co. didn’t want to take any risks of having to pay $$ out for an old guy. The worst thing is that HOSPICE DEBILITATED him first with their drugs (he was on none at all – didn’t need them), and although he fought for 6 weeks (that’s how strong he was), he passed away. My sister and I paid for a chemical autopsy to be done afterward, and sure enough, LETHAL DOSES of meds!! HOSPICE DOCTOR JURKREGGI made some bucks off this. His job was to make my dad “terminal” first. My dad was NOT TERMINAL and was in NO PAIN, but they created that. Please beware…because HOSPICE is being used as a TOOL now…not what it used to be. And what more clever tool than this? Always respected in the past, but no longer…GREED speaks louder than integrity. HOSPICE will SUCK YOU IN and CHASE YOU DOWN until they get you into their abyss. Sound familiar? Somewhat like Hitler’s antics? History repeating itself? Oh, you bet!! Please take care of your elderly loved one…this is not science fiction!

  5. ServusSpiritusSancti

     /  February 19, 2013

    Anna, I am sorry to hear what happened to your father. May his soul rest in peace.

    You are correct, of course. Your story is one of many examples of how hospice lies to people and kills elderly folks via morphine. It is very sad that such a thing exists. We can only educate ourselves of the truth and keep our loved ones away from it.

    God Bless.

  6. Nurse in a Home

     /  June 14, 2013

    I am working in a nursing home now. And in just the past few months have seen several elderly patients who are fairly thriving and active, be put on morphine and rapidly decline, within days, to a horrible death. Who is deciding it is time for these people to die? Why are they being “forced” to become terminal? Who is profiting off of this? Yes, hospice seems to be involved but it is more than that. The average lifespan of my patients after being put on morphine is only 2-3 days. We had our head nurse in meeting tell us firmly that “morphine is not killing these folks”. But I cannot deny what I have seen. We have an elderly person, who yes has some health issues, but who is surviving, living peacefully in the home. Then, someone decides they are in pain, and the patient is forced to take injections which leave them completelly debilitated, unable to get up, eat, or drink. I feel the morphine is so strong that the person is forced into a coma, and they eventually die of dehydration and cardiac shutdown. I have seen this in at least 4 patients in just the past 2 months. I feel in a way this is legalized “murder”! I am afraid to tell anyone though… I feel I would put myself at risk. This is a large business involved and I am just a nurse. They are a million $/month business. If anyone has any advice, please let me know. Thank you.

  7. ServusSpiritusSancti

     /  June 14, 2013

    Nurse in a Home,

    Thank you for the comment, and thank you for sharing your experience. If you cannot convince your head nurse of your argument, my advice would be not to take part in these murders. Whether you quit or simply refuse to administer the morphine, do NOT do as you are being instructed. If you know what is happening but continue to take part in it, you will be just as responsible. You likely will not be able to stop what is happening, but what you can do is continue to inform others of the truth. I will keep you in my prayers.

    God Bless.

  8. Natalia

     /  September 6, 2013

    I live in Canada and recently due some negligence my father who was very stable in most areas, was brought to a terminal phase.
    The last week of his life the doctor who was assigned to him was forcing us to accept that he is terminal and he was so eager to take the serum out and starve him because they had made is so that he was not even able to drink a drop of water.
    Let me tell you something. The whole experience has brought me to a point of total depression.
    I adored my dad and he was the sweetest man ever.
    Then the last 2 days they started increasing Morphine and he entered a stated of comatose and only lasted one day.
    I do not worry about his soul because the last weeks of his life before they forced him to die before his time, I would remind him to close his eyes and pray to our Lord.
    I also prayed for him and asked all my friends to pray for him.
    When he passed away I came home and researched the Internet and came across the horrors of Morphine and the way the elderly are put on a death pathway in the UK….
    I already knew we lived in an evil world but I guess that I underestimated how far people would go to play God.
    This is not a conspiracy theory and unfortunately it is the fate of all of us in the future.
    Maybe in the years to come it will not even be silent but put on the table.
    It made me realize that I need to do my best to get closer to God so that in case I get murdered by some nurses or doctors I will be taken home safely.
    I am going to fight the hospital and they know that I am not stupid. I will do my best to my best to spread the message to other caregivers.

  9. Daisy752

     /  October 27, 2013

    My grandmother died in deep fear. She said she was being drugged and didn’t need the morphine. She said they were trying to kill her with the drugs and she wanted out of that place. Her only pain was from the urinary catheter and the needle for the injections of moraine and lorazepam. She was not being that aggressive or mean or crazy. If she was crazy, I believe it was the drugs. She also said that she didn’t want to sleep and was not tired. When my grandma entered hospice, she signed away her rights! Her right to refuse drugs was taken away. Her faint whispers were ignored. “I want to die, but not like this. Not like this” is one of the last things she said. I’m so sorry Grandma. I will never be the same.

    • Natalia

       /  October 28, 2013

      Hi Daisy .
      I feel your pain. I will never be the same either. I have lost my faith in humanity.

  10. Seymour

     /  March 28, 2014

    My Dad died at the hands of hospice in the UK, he went from active to a wobbling sedated jelly over night, They claimed he was terminally agitated. After 3 days if heavy sedation we demanded it was stopped, he came round and began drinking and eating again, the hospice were not happy and refused to give him fluids, we had to stay by his side 24/7, to protect him, we managed to get him home and he died two days later from morphine midazolam overdose, the damage had been done. He lived his last weeks in fear. They even denied he had a broken down pressure sore, which we found when we got him home, the size of a football, rotting and stinking, they claimed the smell was faeces, we found out it was the rotting sore.

  11. Thanks for sharing this. Morphine kills sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly. Hospice kills. Since 2010 one doctor wanted to put my mom on Hospice. End of last month I let hospice in and they said small amounts of morphine will not cause any more pain.
    Hospice told me Morphine will give quicker relief from pain when changing my mom foot bandage. Gave my mom two doses last Wednesday and by Friday she was worse than before, I gave her the morphine.
    All hospice wanted to do is give medicines to cover the pain caused by the morphine. I removed her from the hospice and took her to the hospital to find she had a UTI, Seems like she is getting better. Only time will tell.

  12. Prayers that your mother recovers, sweetsobriety2002.

    • Chris

       /  October 19, 2014

      A hospice in West Yorkshire killed my Dad, with terminal sedation. He was terminally ill but they killed him in a painful way. The sedated him with Midazolan, so he was unable to drink, every time he came round he begged for drinks, they refused and just uped his sedation. We go him out of the hospice and he spent his last two day terrified he would not get a drink. Hospice care is legalized euthanasia, its shocking that they can do this just to quicken death. I always tell people to avoid hospice care if they can, to see a relative die from terminal dehydration is devastating.

  13. Ftbcrfvcf

     /  December 26, 2014

    You people are crazy …. Tell the truth, once one takes Jesus into their lives and accepts salvation the are SAVED, regardless of ANYTHING. Period… That is what the bible says.

    • ServusSpiritusSancti

       /  December 27, 2014

      No, you are the one not telling the truth.

      Nowhere in the Bible does it say that once you “ask Jesus into your life and accept salvation, you are saved, regardless of anything”. What you promote is heresy. You are just interpreting the Bible the way YOU wish to.

      And what does any of your comment have to with hospice, anyway?

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