Fr. Malachi Martin: Hero or Fraud?

Fr. Malachi Martin is another controversial figure amongst Traditional Catholics. Some consider him a brave man who exposed the Judeo-Masonic infiltration of the Catholic Church, while others think he was nothing more than a “double agent” and a liberal who was among the destroyers of the Faith.

Fr. Malachi Martin was a Catholic priest who wrote several books claiming that Judeo-Masons had infiltrated the Catholic Church. He claimed that John XXIII and Paul VI were Freemasons, that Cardinal Siri was elected in 1958 only to be threatened by the Freemasons if he accepted, that John Paul I was murdered by a Freemasonic Cardinal, etc. His most famous and horrifying claim, however, was that there was a satanic enthronement ceremony that took place in the Vatican in the 1960s, following the election of Paul VI. This ceremony was described in his book “Windswept House”, which is perhaps the most popular of his writings. He was going to publish another book that would further detail satan’s infiltration of the Church, it was entitled “Primacy: How the Institutional Roman Catholic Church became a Creature of the New World Order. However, Fr. Martin died in 1999 after falling down the stairs at his home, and thus, the book was never completed. Some believe that he was murdered by a Freemason who wanted to make sure that the book was not finished.

Then there are some people who believe in the theory that Fr. Malachi Martin was a “double agent”, and/or that he was a liberal who did not hold to the Dogmas of the Faith. MauricePinay is among those who claim that Fr. Martin was a liberal, and that he was, in the words of Pinay, “an unapologetic destroyer of the Church”.

Now, MauricePinay is very good at exposing the Judeo-Masonic infiltration of the Church, no doubt. But his claims against Fr. Malachi Martin are only partly correct. He was able to prove that Fr. Martin was a liberal, but a fact that he fails to mention is that Fr. Martin repented of his liberalism, and became a Traditional Catholic after Vatican II.

Hugh Akins, author of the book “Synagogue Rising” (a book that I highly recommend, by the way), knew Fr. Martin personally. Here is what Akins had to say about him:

“Fr. Malachi Martin, whom this author had the honor of knowing personally, had
come practically full circle from his earlier liberal days in the Vatican. It
was a slow gradual transformation, but a certainty that the good Father became
more and more traditional over the years, actually more traditional with the
completion of each of his best selling books, which required of him extensive
research study and prayer, until the final book, which he never got to complete,
and which may have very well cost him his life. A work that was to shed light on
Modernist Rome’s complicity in the building of the anti-Christian Judaic-Masonic
New World Order, was too much for the enemies of Christ. A book of that nature
written by an author of his standing would have reached millions and had to be
stopped. There were many indications that the cause of Fr. Martin’s death was
assassination, including the disappearance of the unfinished manuscript and his
own final words that he’d been pushed down a flight of stairs while in his
wheelchair.He was not able to identify the assailant who attacked from behind.
His murderer may have escaped justice in time, but not in eternity. God knows
his identity and will exact His vengeance. Fr. Martin may your soul rest in

And regarding Fr. Martin’s claim of the satanic enthronement that occurred in the Vatican, Hugh Akins stated the following:

“Cardinal Bernardin’s involvement in satanic rituals is well known among
discerning Catholics. It was verified by both Fathers Malachi Martin and Charles
Fiore, the latter whom described his Eminence as an evil man and a flaming
homosexual. The rape of the very young girl in the bestselling Fr. Martin novel,
WINDSWEPT HOUSE, was a fictional depiction of a real-life satanic consecration,
which featured forced acts with a small child on the altar of a church during a
Satanic Mass, allegedly committed by Cardinal Bernardin. According to Father
Fiore, the rape victim, now an adult who came forward to make her accusations
known, was a very brave and credible

I actually debated MauricePinay about Fr. Malachi Martin on CatholicInfo and Ignis Ardens, and mentioned these two quotes from Hugh Akins to him. But Pinay dismissed the statements as “hearsay”.

Of course, how could someone who knew Fr. Martin personally be spreading “hearsay”? Shouldn’t we be more inclined to trust someone who knew him personally?

I am also baffled at those who deny Fr. Martin’s claims of the satanic enthronement ceremony. Even MauricePinay dismisses it, saying there is “no evidence”. If you believe that Freemasons infiltrated the Church (and they certainly did), then why would you find it difficult to believe that they had a ceremony to celebrate their infiltration? We shouldn’t put it past such evil people.

So, what should we think about Fr. Malachi Martin? According to Hugh Akins, who knew him personally, Fr. Martin was a liberal during the days of Vatican II, but repented afterwards, and became Traditional. He then devoted the rest of his life to exposing the Judeo-Masonic infiltration of the Church. There is no evidence that suggests he did not convert, or that he was a “double agent”. These claims are nothing more than rumours being spread against a man who isn’t even alive to defend himself. Thus, we should ignore such ridiculous assertions and rumours and trust the words of the man who knew him personally. May Fr. Martin’s soul rest in peace.

God Bless.

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  1. donkath

     /  November 4, 2012

    I am very pleased to read this information on Malachi Martin. I have read just about all of his books. Through his ‘fiction’ I learned the truth about the inner workings of the Vatican
    in his book so named. I also read his other several major works. Your article here has filled in the missing gaps for me. I never doubted his sincerity/knowledge/honesty/conviction albeit the many rumours that circulated after his death. Apart from Bernard who interviewed him and who has his own bookseller website, your reasoning here makes sense.

  2. Thank you for the comment, donkath.

    Yes, the rumours that have surrounded Fr. Martin since his death simply have no evidence to back them up. If anything is “hearsay”, it is certainly these rumours, which are entirely unfounded.

    God Bless.

  3. They Have Uncrowned Him

     /  November 4, 2012

    MM may have “guilded the lilly” a time, or two, but he transformed into a good Catholic.
    I don’t understand how anyone cannot believe MM’s documentation of the Vatican’s enthronement ceremony of Lucifer. It’s really not a far stretch at all; just take a look around at Modern Rome.

  4. bobthecook

     /  November 22, 2012

    I found Hostage initially fascinating, but later found it to be superstitious, petty, and confusing (he’s more interested in dramatization over accurate diagnosis, and many of things he describes unequivocally as demonic possession are describes in the works of Catholic mystics such as St. Teresa of Avila and Catholic philosophers such as Aquinas). I did go in thinking this is a man who was traditional, but the more I read him, the more it became obvious there was something off about him. Double agent may not be far from the truth. The best way to destroy a man and the Church is from the inside, by getting close to the core, and then dethroning that core, ousting it as it were. He seems to support mindless intellectual and spiritual shallowness that can certainly derail a man from his faith, or render it impotent and pretentious.

    I suggest approaching this man with extreme caution. Perfect possession is always at the door in sheep’s, or priest’s clothing.

  5. bobthecook,

    I understand your concern over Fr. Malachi Martin, but as my article states, the evidence suggests that he was a liberal who repented of his heresies and converted. There is no evidence that he was a “double agent” either.

    God Bless.

    • I can’t see how anybody who has read his books can doubt his love of the
      Church. I did not know that he was a Liberal until I read these recent updates of his career. I respect these facts and take them on board. One of his most beautiful books is ‘The Jesuits’. His detailed documentation of the Rule according to the mind of St.Ignatius Loyola, then the Order’s gradual descent into Liberalism is one of the most moving things I have ever read. In in his writings (not sure which book) he gave a most insightful look into his soul as he knelt down in prayer praying from the depths of his heart. He was completely agonised as if he knew nothing and threw himself down at the feet of his Saviour. These are not his words, for I cannot possibly describe the agony I was priviliged to witness.

  6. Be part of our team and help bring Fr Malachi Martin to the big screen.

  7. The Mason infiltration corresponds well with Bella Dodd’s testimony that 1100 communists infiltrated the priesthood also in the 1930’s and were bishops and cardinals by the time Vatican II convened.

  8. Amy Martin

     /  May 7, 2014

    I believe Father Martin was a very sincere person who loved God. To all the skeptics our there who examine his credibility, he made mistakes just like everyone else. No one is perfect except God. I believe he was a humble man with a heart that strove to please God. I have read many of his works including his radio interviews, and I think he is right on target about corruption in the Church and the New World Order. Father Martin R.I.P.

  9. Reblogged this on mtnwolf63.

  10. Malachi Martin on Nibiru / Planet X (1997) ~ Something Approaching Us ???

  11. StatVeritas

     /  November 9, 2014

    Friday, April 10, 2009
    A letter written by Father Malachi Martin addressing the attacks from critics prior to his death
    I am sending you these few lines as my commentary on the abuse and calumnies flung in my direction by certain members of our Roman Catholic Church. Many of my friends and well-wishers have urged me to respond to the abusers and the calumniators; and remember that this abuse and calumnious attack has been going on for over thirty-three years! That is a long time; and I have become a veteran of such oppression, so much so that in a certain sense I know much better than any of my friends and well-wishers how to deal with this sustained harsh treatment.

    The basic lesson I have learnt over those thirty-three years is: not allow myself be diverted from fulfilling my mission as a priest and a servant of the Holy See of Peter. This means not merely refusing to pick up the stones thrown at me and returning them on the heads of my abusers. It means principally that I fulfill my duties as a priest—celebrate daily Mass, recite my breviary, fulfill my pastoral obligations to those under my care. It means that I never allow the distortions—doctrinal and other—of these very zealous abusers and calumniators to enter into my optic or cloud my angle of vision. It means, of course, praying for their spiritual welfare—and also that the Holy Spirit grant them some measure of understanding. For understanding is chiefly what lacks to them.

    Well over twenty-five years ago, I wrote to my Superior in Rome complaining about a recrudescence of these attacks, and suggesting a certain course of action. He wrote back quoting that passage of John’s Gospel where Christ warns His disciples that the time would come when they would be ostracized and persecuted by people who would do that to them and think they were doing God’s will. “Can’t you suffer, too, for Christ’s sake?” This was my Superior’s answer.

    Besides all that, all these years have taught me a few central lessons; you have to have undergone it all to be able to appreciate the principal lesson. Which is: abusers and calumniators are not out to get the truth, to build up, to edify. Their bent is to destroy, to liquidate. Hence, no matter what information you give them, they will not desist; they will use it to further their distrustful ambition. Hence, I found that there was no point in even trying to communicate with them; anything they learned became merely grist for their grindstones of hate.

    A second valuable lesson I learned was this: they don’t really matter in the kingdom of God and in the daily warfare between Christ and Lucifer. There are too many Confessions to be heard, too many Masses to be said, too many souls seeking and needing spiritual direction, too many confused priests to be enlightened, too many aberrant bishops to be corralled back into the fold of Christ, too many holydays in honor of Angels and Saints, too many exorcisms of the possessed and the obsessed, too many of the faithful dying and needing Extreme Unction, too many children needing Confirmation—in a word, too many needy ones for any priest to hesitate for one moment and to tarry over the spewings and spittings coming from the unclean mouths, the jealous souls and the erroneous pens of pigmy men who fancy themselves upon a solid rock and who crave to ascend to fame and vanity over the dead bodies and soiled reputations of their victims.

    I have always let such people know that I personally have no difficulty in waiting for the final showdown in the presence of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus, as the Just Judge of the living and the dead.

    In sum, I have no time to wait—there’s too much work to be done. I know that many of my friends and well-wishers now and again answer some of my attackers. I generally discourage any sustained effort in that direction; the reason? Nothing will ever change the minds of these people—nothing except the grace of God. As I said, I am most willing to wait for God to change their minds. In the meantime, I have far too much to do. I can’t afford to waste time on them.



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