Bishop Williamson’s Greatest Quotes

The 25th anniversary of the Consecration of Bishop Williamson is coming up this Sunday. In honor of this occasion, I have compiled a list of some of his greatest quotes. Enjoy!

“The love of God is demanding, which is why people don’t want the real love of God.  They want the nice, slushy chocolate human substitute. Let’s all just swim in chocolate until we fall into Hell.” (Bishop Williamson, Sweden, 2008)

“On the other hand if human freedom is of such value that every individual must be left free to corrupt his fellow citizens by the public practice and proselytizing of any false religion he chooses (unless public order be disturbed), then false religions must be left free to flourish in the public domain (e.g. Protestant sects in Latin America today). So the difference between false religions and the one true religion is less important than human dignity. So the true religion is not so important. So the worth of God compared with the worth of man is not so important. Thus Vatican II down-grades God as it up-grades man. Ultimately Vatican II is replacing the religion of God with the religion of man. No wonder Archbishop Lefebvre founded the Society of St Pius X to uphold the transcendent dignity and worth of God, of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in a world and Church gone mad, drunk on man’s dignity.” (Bishop Williamson, Eleison Comments, Issue CCLIV, 2012)

“How can you make someone think whose mind is unhinged? You can’t! What can you do? You can pray for him, you can love him… that’s about it.” (Bishop Williamson, Doctrinal Conference, 2003)

“God gives us minds and our minds are meant to discover the truth and until we discover the truth it’s natural to doubt.  But doubting is for the purpose of arriving at the truth.” (Bishop Williamson, interview, 2005)

“Then back to our original question: where now for the SSPX ?  The answer is clear. It must continue along the path set for it by its Founder, namely firm resistance to the (at least objective) apostates in Rome, making known as widely as possible the Archbishop’s diagnosis of the otherwise insoluble problems of Church and world. His solution is simply to maintain Catholic life in accordance with the pre-Conciliar Catholic doctrine and morals of all time, for the greater glory of God and for the salvation of as many souls as possible. ” (Bishop Williamson, Eleison Comments, Issue CXCIV, 2011)

“For inside the home, any priest worth his salt will tell them to start by firmly establishing the family Rosary in the home, and to continue by throwing out that television set which is a tabernacle of the world, the flesh and the Devil. From the youngest age, let children’s hearts and minds be filled in the home with live interchange and lively discussion of everything under the sun. This is because by the time children are of an age to go to ‘university’, the die is usually cast, for good or ill, so that if a boy has grown up in a real live home, lifted towards Heaven by prayer, the worst of ‘universities’ may not do him too much harm, whereas if he has been raised as a televidiot, the best university may not help him too much towards Heaven.” (Bishop Williamson, Eleison Comments, Issue CLX, 2010)

“Now not only does what is known as the “Holocaust” serve as the secular religion of the New World Order (Auschwitz replaces Calvary, the gas-chambers replace the Cross of Our Lord, and the Six Million play the part of the Redeemer), but also it seems to me that the post-World War II Germans have difficulty in respecting themselves unless they are beating their breast for the alleged crimes of the Third Reich.” (Bishop Williamson, Eleison Comments, Issue CCXCI, 2013)

“On the one hand the SSPX is part of the true Catholic whole, “one, holy, Catholic and apostolic”. On the other hand it had better avoid making itself part of the diseased Conciliar whole. As a healthy branch grafted onto the unhealthy Conciliar plant, it would necessarily catch the Conciliar disease. No way can a mere branch heal that disease.” (Bishop Williamson, Eleison Comments, Issue CCLIII, 2012)

“Ten yeas ago I was innocently asked in Canada whether women should wear trousers. Some ten weeks ago, also in Canada, I was asked whether a girl should go to a conservative Novus Ordo university. The answer now to the second question may be as stormy as the answer to the first:- because of all kinds of natural reasons, almost no girl should go to any university!

The deep-down reason is the same as for the wrongness of women’s trousers: the unwomaning of woman. The deep-down cause in both cases is that Revolutionary man has betrayed modem woman; since she is not respected and loved for being a woman, she tries to make herself a man. Since modem man does not want her to do what God meant her to do, namely to have children, she takes her revenge by invading all kinds of things that man is meant to do.” (Bishop Williamson, letter, “Girls at University”, 2001)

“So just before he dies the “atheist” may still claim that he at least was never spoken to by God, but in the instant after he dies he will grasp in a flash that for every moment of his waking life God has been appealing to him through some creature or other around him. “Am I now unjust,” God might ask him, “if I condemn you for every remaining moment of my life, when for every moment of your life you have been refusing me ? Have what you have chosen. Depart from me int-” (Mt. XXV, 41).” (Bishop Williamson, Eleison Comments, Issue CCLVIII, 2012) 

“The direction being taken by Rome is clear as clear can be. Can anyone still not see it? If one wishes to organize the defense of the Catholic faith, there is, alas, only the Archbishop’s way. One cannot put oneself under these neo-modernist Romans.

How clear-sighted the Archbishop was! What faith he had! What a gift from God he was! Rome may crush Fr. Bisig [and the Fraternity of St. Peter], but it could not crush the Archbishop, nor can it crush any Catholics who like him make no compromises on Truth. The Truth is master of Rome, and not Rome master of the Truth, ultimately. The Archbishop loved Rome, in the depths of his being, but still Our Lord’s Truth came first. “The Truth is mighty and will prevail”, and that Truth is the strength and cohesion of the Society of St. Pius X. All who seek the Truth find themselves today substantially united in holding, broadly, the Society’s positions, but that is not because they are the Society’s positions, it is because they happen to be the Truth.

Once again, great Archbishop, thank you, and please pray for us.” (Bishop Williamson, letter, “The Fraternity of St. Peter”, 1999)

“As with all problems of sin, the only true solution is the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ. For instance in a Catholic marriage the painful control of man over woman, evident in all non-Christian cultures and re-emerging in our own anti-Christian culture, becomes by supernatural grace more and more that subordination  of woman to man which is in accordance with their nature and which is  profitable to both, which Eve had before she and Adam fell.

But away with Eden by grace! The modern world will have none of Jesus Christ’s solutions to Adam’s and Eve’s problems. Making idols of liberty and equality, to refuse any inequality or subordination of woman to man, it will deny any distinction between them, it denies of course any order of God in His creation, any need for Redemption, and it will deny if necessary God’s very existence. Today’s feminism is intimately connected to witchcraft and satanism.” (Bishop Williamson, letter, “Women’s trousers are an assault upon women’s womanhood”, 1991)

“The discussions [between the SSPX and Rome] were bound to be a waste of time, unless either the Romans began coming to their senses, or unless the Society began to betray, one or the other, otherwise there could not be an agreement. Nevertheless, they held these discussions. Who wanted them? Rome wants anything that will tear apart the Society, and therefore, Rome played along. The fault was on the side of the Society, who, instead of saying [to Rome] “You are a bunch of creeps! You are locked into creepery, and as long as you continue creeping, we will not talk with you because it is a waste of time”… instead of saying that, instead of acting like choosers, and saying “We choose not to talk to you as long as your minds are simply not working”, the Society said “We’d like to talk, because we’d like to be recognized. We’d like to be nice. We’d like you to be nice”. (Bishop Williamson, conference, St. Paul, Minnesota, 2013)

“Therefore the Newchurchmen are, objectively, Judases, however sincere or well-intentioned they may be. In fact they are crusading Judases, because they have themselves convinced that their Newchurch will save both Church and world. That is why they not only firmly believe in compromising Catholic Tradition with the world, but also they are set upon pulling what remains of Tradition into their compromise. That is why the SSPX both refused the recent approaches of “Rome” to draw it into the Newchurch, and must prepare to resist any more such approaches.

This situation is bound to continue until the Newchurchmen abandon their (objective) Judas compromise with the world, and return to Catholic Tradition. On that day they will have once more a huge problem with the same old wicked world, but at least they will be true churchmen again. And a clear sign of their return to sanity will be that they have no more problem with Catholic Tradition, not even with the SSPX!” (Bishop Williamson, letter, “Judas and the Newchurch”, 2002)

“Surely the crisis of Vatican II proved if anything the need for Catholics to do some thinking for themselves… and not just follow their leaders blindly…” (Bishop Williamson, Eleison Comments, Issue CXCIV, 2011)

“With the Grace of God we’ll have the bravery to stand by the truth, cost what it may… and if they brutally murder us, hey, that’s the fastest elevator to Heaven! (Bishop Williamson, Doctrinal Conference, 2003)

Thank you, Your Excellency, for all of your good work these past 25 years.

God Bless.

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  1. I could listen to Bishop WILLIAMSON all day long and never tire of his wittiness!

    God reward him!


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